Guest post: God Moments

Today’s guest post is brought to you by one of my favorite people in the world…my little brother! Josiah has been my buddy for as long as I can remember. He has the most tender, compassionate heart…Kind of amazing considering what he has walked through. I asked Jo to write for us because I am always so blessed by his perspective. I love his suggestion to us today to be seeking out “God moments.” What’s your God moment today?

“Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep climbing toward the top of
the mountain. But keep your eyes up along the journey and look for the immense beauty that surrounds you.” 

So I’ll be honest: I have never written a blog post of any kind nor am I slightly
qualified to write a post for the blog of the most gifted writer I know. Yikes. Here
goes nothing.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. Most importantly, it means that my
favorite holiday, Christmas, is about a month away. Secondary to that, it is a season
where I intentionally consider the blessings in my life. When I was thinking about
what to write, it struck me that too often we wait for holidays, anniversaries,
birthdays, or other major events to focus on and express gratitude in our lives. How
different would our world look if we all tried to live our daily lives marked by

Maybe this is a rudimentary concept that you have heard before and have mastered
already. Teach me? My wife and I recently moved into her parents’ home after living
with my mom for six months. We are in a season of limbo while we wait on some
direction and don’t want to commit to a lease when we aren’t sure where we’ll end
up. We had a ‘boundaries’ talk with Anna’s parents and the two of her younger
siblings that still live at home. When asked what she needed from us, my 13-year old
sister-in-law said she wanted me to smile more. Seriously? At the time we all
laughed the request off, but her words have stuck with me ever since. I have so
much to be thankful for, so why is it so easy to get distracted by the ‘meh moments’
in life?

I don’t want to discount the fact that the holidays, and life in general, can be difficult for a lot of people. The world around us so often seems to be falling apart. Having a grateful attitude for the roof over our head or the family at home won’t make hardships disappear or depression vanish. Finding glory in the mundane is not the medicine for the plagues of violence, sickness, and poverty that have infected the lives of so many people. However, I think if we can pursue a heart of daily gratitude, then maybe (and that’s a BIG maybe), we can be part of the solution.

One of the greatest benefits of finding moments of gratitude in life’s routine is being able to identify what I like to call “God moments.” For me, my most frequent God moments are occurrences in nature: a breathtaking sunset, a pair of deer gallivanting through a cornfield, or a magnificent thunderstorm all leave me awestruck at God’s majesty. Like I said, these God moments don’t alleviate depression, end gun violence, stop natural disasters, or squash any of the countless issues that permeate today’s society or our personal lives. These God moments, however, provide me with something so powerful: hope. A hope that one day there will be a world without all of the pain and the suffering. Hope that we can work toward that world today by being kind to one another and looking out for our neighbors.

So yes, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep climbing toward the top of
the mountain. But keep your eyes up along the journey and look for the immense
beauty that surrounds you.


Because I’m his sister, I can post any picture of us that I want to 😉 Circa 2012. Josiah is married to Anna, dog dad to Bear, and little brother of the Heath clan. He is best known for winning ALL the games in the Heath household, always being up for family time or a movie with his sister, carrying most of the “smart” Heath genes, and having a beautiful heart for people. I’M thankful I get to claim him as my brother 🙂

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